Sunday, October 19, 2014

Caturday Confessions

Hello Effurybody and Effurykitty! 

It's Caturday, and Mummy has a confession to make, don't you Mummy?

"Oh, I don't think so Gracie, what are you talking about?"

You know, about you bein' an addik.......  Tell the people what you are addikted to.....   Like something that is keeping you from telling our stories, because you are busy doing your addiktion thing on the computer...

"Oh, you mean shopping on  That's not an addiktion, that's a necessity"

No, I mean when you say, "OK, just one more game and then I'll go to bed"  ....Admit it Mummy, you are addikted to (here it is folks - she is telling my secrets)  Computer Solitaire...........

Yup, plain old computer Solitaire has got me in it's grips - you know, the one at the top of the list when you click on the "Start" menu on your PC- not online or anything - just plain old Solitaire...I can sure see how people can get into trouble with gambling.  You think, just one more game and I'll win the next one. 

Holy cow! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Who'd a thought?

So, at some point last summer, our water started to taste like dirt, or mold, or something icky to me - and since I asked The Shepherd and he didn't notice anything, and the pipes in our house are the same ones that came with the house, I was perplexed.

But I mentioned it at work and one of the ladies that I work with said, "Oh, that's because of the algae blooms on Lake Whatcom (our water source) and they have been putting lots of extra chlorine in the water to get rid of it."  Well, makes sense, I guess - but in the meantime - what to do. 

Then, one day I was walking through the local drugstore and wandered down the small appliance aisle - and what did I find, but a Britta water filter pitcher.  It was under $30 - what could I lose and if it really worked, I would gain - good tasting water.  Who'd a thought that it would be so easy...

I was truly stunned that this little pitcher with it's charcoal filter would deliver what it says - Great tasting water -

So I found myself some BPA free bottles and keep a filled one in the bathroom for teeth washing and taking pills.  And those swigs of water that you need to drink in the middle of the night...

Who'd a thought that it would be so easy.  Britta's got my vote. (well so do the new Lay's Bacon Mac & Cheese flavored potato chips but that's a whole 'nuther story) 


Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to the "Kittens"

Hey Mummy, we're not Kittens any more, in fact, in people years we are 4, but in Cat years, we are the ripe old age of 32!

And you are very Handsome too (I can say that, I'm their Mummy)

They have grown so much.  

When we got George and Gracie in July 2011, I was told they were born in the "middle of October 2010" but the lady I got them from did not know the exact date.

I decided that 10-10-10 would be a very auspicious date for the birthday of my kitties.  Don't you think that was a good date to pick? 

Happy birthday my babies. 


Monday, September 22, 2014

Holy Cow, it's the FIRST DAY OF FALL!!!

 So, what have I been doing all summer?, you ask...

Well, I've done a  little bit of spinning - this is some roving that I spun up for gifts for co-workers.  I call it my Seahawks yarn. I will use it to make them a cowl or a neck scarf.  If you click on the pictures, they should "biggify" a little bit & you can see the little bits of blue and green mohair that I plied into the yarn. 

And I spun up some of Elliott's wool to take to the NW Washington Fair.  Look!  I got a blue ribbon!  

I truly thought I'd get the blue on my Seahawks yarn and not on the white, but she didn't like how I had plied it.  Judges - they are so picky...

She also counted me down on how I tied the skein, even though I had used yarn from the skein to tie it.  I guess I'll suggest that we have a "skein tieing for the fair" class next year at our spinner guild meeting. 
Here's a picture of both skeins of Seahawks yarn - you can see the green mohair bits in this picture a little better.  

But this is when I know I'm doing it right - this is all that was left from two bobbins of singles after I plied up the second skein  - just about a foot or so.  I'd say "I rock"  

This was taken in our front yard only a week ago - the Katsura and the birches are really starting to turn now - I'd say they are as surprised as I was to have summer end. 

Well, that's all for now -  We'll be back soon! (and a lot sooner than the last time...) 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A lazy Caturday

Just wandering around the gardens a couple of weeks ago - we had our first corn of the year last night for dinner - it was truly delish!
 We had a couple inches of very needed rain last week, and the temps dropped about 15 degrees for a couple of days - it was nice to have it cool off!

The front deck is always a nice place to sit on a summer's eve and the petunias are so fragrant - plus there are a couple little froggies living in there, so they serenade us.

We will be going up to Blaine for a fund raiser concert for our church this afternoon.  I have been busy making food for the reception for afterwards.  

It's always fun to tag along with George, Gracie and Bella out in the garden. 

Who knows what kind of mayhem will ensue...

Ooops, lasers activated. 

Calm down kitties!

One more frontal attack!  

"You can't see me"....................

"Oh, yes, I can"

Happy Caturday everyone! 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Three Beautiful Things -

 I realized that I hadn't done a Three Beautiful Things post in quite a while -

So here are three beautiful things from our garden -

First is another picture of one of our Bellingham Lilies -
 The Shepherd's petunia garden is in full bloom right now.

This is one of my favorite views on the farm - sitting by the barn and looking towards the house.  This view changes weekly as the seasons move along.

Thanks for stopping by to see my Three Beautiful Things this week! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Meet the "Flockers"

Halo Effurybody and Effury Kittie!

George here with the summer "state of the union" event - W&W   -  or Worming & Weaning! 

Our friend Nurse Nancy came over to help, since Mummy is not too steady on her feet out in the barn.  
The Shepherd tried a new approach this time - he gathered everysheep into a smaller pen inside the barn using panels from the lambing jugs! 

It worked like a dream. Everyone was calm and, most importantly, easy to catch - no running or jumping - what a concept. 

So, without further ado - Meet The Flockers! 

This is Frostiana - her wool is much like her daddy, Elliott's wool - lusterous and long.

This is Lori - she needs a new home. 

Her wool will eventually be white - but I think this first fleece will be fawn colored.

This is Ana - She needs a new home too. 

Ana's fleece is more mioget - golden - and I think this lamb fleece will be beautiful! 

Elsie is what we call a "snausage sheep"  - she is a little roly-poly -   but she is one of The Shepherd's favorite little girls.  She likes to lie down on his feet! 

Elsie is Ana's sister - and she'll be staying here on the farm.

Lettie is Lori's sister - she really does have a sweet face when she's not being strangulated to death by The Shepherd. 

And Whoo-ee - look at the color of her fleece!

Vikki is also a favorite of The Shepherd.  We thought she was going to be black and white from looking at her when she was born - but look at her now - soon she'll be white. 

She also has her daddy, Elliott's fleece characteristics.  Soft and lustrous.

Christopher will have a nice white fleece - he needs a new home - because we have limited space - the only wether that we can keep is the ram buddy - that will be Jackson (see below)

Christopher will have a beautiful white fleece! 

Here's our "ram buddy" Jackson - he is very close to Django in size and temperament.

I'm hoping that we will have some fleeces to take to Black Sheep next year.  What do you think? 

And here's our new little man himself.  Django! 

Pretty color, good nature, and nice fleece - we have 3 or 4 ewes who are not very closely related who will be put in with him in the fall. 
Talk about a golden fleece! 

Donna, Sandy & Vanessa look somewhat relieved that the lambs are out in a pasture by themselves - but oh, what a racket!  Great amounts of wailing and gnashing of teeth! 

"Gracie, do you think they'll ever shut up?"

"I don't know George - those lambs sure can do a good holler" 

Mummy here - The lambs pretty much cried for 24 hours, STRAIGHT!  Then they realized that they were on this wonderful lush pasture, and one by one, they quieted down.  Thank heavens!